£20 Free Bingo + 1 Free Spin Guaranteeing £5-£2500 + 1 Free Movie

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The £20 Free Bingo Bonus can be claimed after registering your details, and then making your first deposit of £10 or more.

The Wheel of Fortune free spin is an amazing feature that is unique to the bingo network that Showreel is on.

This feature gives all new players a spin on the wheel – and guarantees you a win of at least £5.

The amounts that you can win range from £5 right up to £2500

So you could deposit £10 and get £30 free – then spin the wheel and get another £2500 free

This means occasionally a lucky player gets £2,520 free – within a few minutes of depositing their first £10.

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All players also get to pick one of your favourite movies – which Showreel Bingo will deliver to your door within a few days.

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With a reputation for excellence, and a highly professional experience customer service team based in the UK – is one of our most highly recommended bingo sites.

To Claim Your £20 Free + 1 Free Spin on The Wheel Of Fortune guaranteeing you a win of £5 – £2500:

1. Register Your Details + Deposit £10 or more

To Claim Your Free Movie:

1. Pick your favourite after depositing